Whaleback Farm Cider - Forager's Blend

Forager's Blend

Apple Cider
Complex and layered, - mellowed by a long rest in white oak
6.8% ABV

One of the most exciting aspects of apples is their near infinite genetic diversity. No apple seed will ever produce an exact copy of the tree it came from. This leads to a dizzying profusion of flavors which is compounded by the variability between seasons. Year to year, even apples from the same tree can taste significantly different. Each vintage of our wild foraged cider is therefore unique, some years might be characterized by a tart acidity while others are full of chewy tannins. In general, trees competing for light and water at the forest edge produce fruit with intense, concentrated flavor and aroma. It’s our job to select the best from the vast array of possibilities and harmonize these wild flavors into something palatable but still exciting and unexpected.

Wooden apple ladder in old apple tree during harvest of wild apples
Wild apples in the woods
Feral apples in the wild forest
Old truck full of wild apple bounty with apple picker and apple boxes

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