Whaleback Farm Cider - Northern Rose

Northern Rose

Blended Cider
Wild berry piquancy with spicy and herbaceous flavors, a vinous body, rounded off by light barrel aging
6.8% ABV

Elderberry and Aronia are both native to the northeast and can be harvested in the wild along loamy riverside lowlands and rocky upland meadows but we also grow them in hedgerows here on the farm.Elderberry has, since ancient times, been known as the protector of the garden. We suspect that might be because the birds flock to it first, ignoring the other crops. It can be hard to get to the fruit before they do but we can’t begrudge them a share of such mystically tonic fruit. Aronia too, has been recognized as being extremely high in anthocyanins. Mouth dryingly bitter – it’s common name is black chokeberry – it also competes with wine grapes for sugar content and makes a bracingly tight red wine which is delicious on its own but even better when blended into the cider with Elderberry.

Ripe Viking aronia berries on the bush in autumn
Antioxidant anthocyanin aronia berry harvest
Picking aronia berry fruit during fall harvest
Orange and red fall foliage on aronia bushes in autumn

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