Whaleback Farm Cider - Traditional Dry

Traditional Dry

Apple Cider
Dry but not overly austere, ripe fruit and round apple warmth - no barrel aging, just clean, bright taste of fresh Maine apples.
6.8% ABV

We pick the apples that go into our Traditional Dry cider from local orchards that have been operating around the corner from us in Hope, Maine for generations. These are small commercial operations growing many well known apples - such as Macintosh, Macoun, Golden Delicious and Cortland – but also some older and lesser known varieties like Northern Spy, Golden Russet, Black Oxford and Tolman Sweet. We combine these flavors, both familiar and unique, into a straightforward, easy drinking cider.

Apple orchard rows of trees full of ripe fruit
Branches on boughs heavy with ripe red apples
Abundant harvest of apples on the ground in the orchard

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