Whaleback Farm Cider - Teltane Lightning

Teltane Lightning

Apple Cider
Highly aromatic and ambrosial, minimal barrel aging retains a light, citrusy body with a mildly funky malo-lactic finish
6.8% ABV

Teltane farm is, among many other things, an amazing repository of well tended heirloom apple trees.These venerable local varieties are cared for with a combination of old-timer knowhow and forward thinking innovation by an even more incredible storehouse of wisdom, Mark Fulford. His tireless devotion to common sense agriculture in opposition to industrial degradation, both at a small local and a large international level, is inspirational. He treats his trees to a generous diet of minerals and foliar sprays that lead to huge yields without sacrificing the delicate flavors and aromas of these rare and delicious apples.

Baldwin apple tree full of ripe apples ready for harvest in Maine
Ripe red Baldwin apples abundance on branches
Black Oxford apples fall foliage trees in Maine autumn
Apple trees with propped limbs heavy crop of Black Oxford apples

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