Whaleback Farm Cider - Honey Vine

Honey Vine

Blended Cider
Wildflower aromas and sprightly acidity of mead combined with the tannic richness of red wine grapes.
6.8% ABV

Even before bees were incorporated as pollinators in our orchard, we were brewing and enjoying mead.This ancient libation is deceptively simple - just honey dissolved in water and fermented - but those two basic ingredients are both full of complexity. Equally ancient and similarly straightforward, wine making has likewise been elaborated into one of the most sophisticated human endeavors. We’re still in the experimental stage of both beekeeping and viticulture, trying out various hive types and planting a variety of new cold hardy grape vines. For now we produce just enough mead and wine to blend together in small amounts to create this cider but hope to bottle each on their own in the future.

Clusters of Sabrevois wine grapes on trellis
Harvest of Northern hardy Marquette wine grapes in Maine
Honey bee orchard pollinators in hive
Cold hardy Frontenac Blanc grapes ready for harvest

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